Saturday, August 20, 2011

Leavin' On A JetPlane

So this last Monday I put my 6 year old on a herself.  She flew to N. Carolina to see her "big sis" Michelle and her husband Sean.  I am so grateful she has had this opportunity.  I am so proud she took it all in stride.  And I am a little amazed I was good with it.

It's been a weird week for me.  I am ashamed to admit it but I have enjoyed this time alone...sometimes.  When I've had to get go to work or get work stuff done, it has been easier.  We've skyped with one another and I think this has helped the "miss yous".  It makes me a little sad that she is having so much fun; I don't get to do enough of the "fun" stuff with her.  Real life can truly get in the way.

She is having the best time.  Today's activity: horseback riding.  She has been to Great Wolf Lodge; spending hours (so it sounds) in the wave pool, waiting for the bucket drench, going down the "big slide" and playing "Mommy shark and Baby shark".  She went to the drive-thru zoo in Charlotte.  Her favorite animal was the Emu there.  And she's had her first real pedicure; she had to make the difficult choice of a diamond or a flower for her big toe.  (Guess which one bling-girl choose...yupe, the diamond,)

So I have three more days of Me time.  I will enjoy it...most of the time. 

Love you Most Lttle Girl!!!