Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day...Wishes

Today is Memorial Day.  I think about my parents today and a part of me aches not only for my loss, but for that blank spot in Isabella's life where doting Grandparents should be.

I think about the fun my Mom would have FINALLY getting her "girly-girl".  Isabella's closet would be filled with so much frill and fluff I wouldn't be able to find anything.  Not to mention the fact that our house could become a Doll Museum because she'd own every doll made.

My Dad and Isabella would form an unholy alliance.  I am positive I would have bald spots from ripping my hair out over what the two kindred spirits could come up with.  I can almost hear him planting little plots of minor and mass destruction in her wee-little head.

But then I think of those people who somewhat fill the grandparent void for my sweet one.  Of course, at the top of her list is Auntie Patti, her first and foremost, BFF.  Aunt Patti is sort of the combination between my Mom and Dad.  She comes up with some things capable of making me speechless (jumping on the bed...really!) and showers her with presents and attention (every girl needs a purse collection to rival Coach and Gucci).  Not to mention a Disney Cruise next April.

Then of course there is Poppy.  But I think that is a story for another time.

So Happy Memorial Day...

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