Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bucket List??

So this last weekend we spent the weekend with my college room mate, Laurie.  At one point she asked me what was on my "bucket list".  My only response was "raising my daughter." 

When I really think about this question, I still don't have a different response.  My dream for so many years was to have a child. Anyone whose done the fertility route can pretty much tell you what an obsessive compulsive, all consuming roller coaster ride it is.  And then I became the Mom of the most special baby in the entire world.

Of course I have dreams for Isabella and I.  Someday I hope we will work in the National Park system together.  Her during her summer vacations from college and me in my motorhome/camper.  She can live in the dorms of NPS and me in my quiet camper.  I am hoping she gets over her fear of all bugs before this.

So I guess my bucket list of Summer 2011 include: going to DisneyWorld in the next year, getting a good enough second job for the fall & winter so I can take most of next summer off to spend with Isabella, scrapbooking once a week with friends and getting my house clean.

I don't think this is what Laurie had in mind.

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