Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love at First Sight

I received the referral for Isabella in December.  The first of February I let the agency know I'd be going to Guatemala in late February.  I was told the paperwork was going quickly, and this may not be soon enough for Isabella to be a US citizen when I finally brought her home.  Oh what to do??  I really wanted her to be a US citizen as soon as she entered the country because it was less paperwork.  So on Friday February 12th I decided to fly to Guatemala on Sunday morning...yes, two days later.  Oh yes, and I would only be staying over night.

So the flight and hotel were booked.  Now I just needed to sit back and relax...right.

On Saturday I was so excited, anxious, nervous, and a little frightened I couldn't sleep.  So naturally I stayed up all night making a baby blanket.  I've made many, many blankets for my friends over the years, but this one was for MY baby.  I'd like to tell you it was a beautiful pink, lilac and purple, but oh no, it was a pee green.

So I am up before the sun on Sunday.  I am pretty sure Angela took me to the airport that morning.  I flew into Miami and then on to Guatemala City.  I remember waking up as the plane started to descend into Guatemala.  My first thought was, "What a beautiful city, all ringed with mountains." My next thought was, "What if this is a big mistake!!  What if she hates me?  Maybe I don't want to be a Mom?"  Terror, absolute terror. 

It was about 10 am when I got to the hotel.  I called Fifo, my contact; we would meet in the lobby in about an hour.  Jitters, nerves...

Finally I head downstairs to meet my daughter.  When I first saw her she was in her Foster-mother's arms (Ruby),  sound asleep.  I took her into my arms and burst into tears.  She was perfect.  Simply perfect.  What had I been thinking being nervous. So silly.  I just cried and cried, telling her what an amazing, perfect baby she was.  Ruby was trying to give me information about Isabella (eating schedules, etc) and I am completely oblivious.

After about 10 minutes or 12 hours, I am not sure which I stopped staring at Isabella and asked questions, "how long does she sleep at night?" (all night), "how frequently does she eat?" (every three hours), "what do I need to do for her earrings" (the only words of English Ruby didn't need translated; nothing she had them pierced at a week old).

So Ruby and Fifo were getting ready to leave when Isabella woke up.  What amazing brown eyes; and then she smiled, her "gummy girl" smile.  She was the most beautiful baby in the world.  Really.

She was perfect; I took her upstairs and counted fingers and toes, checked her hips and back.  And then dressed her in the "Rena outfit".  It was the best Valentine's Day EVER!!

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