Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The "Rena" Dress

In my last post I stated one of the first things I did when Isabella and I got to our hotel room was put her in the "Rena" Dress.

The "Rena" dress is one of the dresses I bought my friends Angela & Bill's daughter when she was a newborn.  I love(d) that dress.  It is white with a gauzy overlay with little pink flowers on it.  I always thought Rena looked adorable in it as a newborn (and Auntie Becky certainly wouldn't be partial).

When Rena was about 3 years old Angela gave me the dress back.  I remember saying to her, just give it to Jasmine (her sister) for her one of her daughters.  I think I was about a year out from my hysterectomy; I never in a million years expected having a daughter who would fit in that cute little dress.

Angela adamantly refused to send the dress on to Jasmine; she insisted I take the dress back (and those of you who know Angela understand the statement "insisted").  I am so glad she made me take the dress back.

That first day with Isabella I remember proudly taking her all over the hotel (the adoption agency rules forbade us from leaving the confines of the hotel).  I remember going into the Jade Shop at the hotel and the gentleman waiting on me asked if I was in the country on business or pleasure.  I remember saying I was there to visit my daughter.  He asked me if she worked at the Marriott; I laughed telling him Isabella was my daughter. (OK, so he thought she was my Granddaugher),

So after strolling the hotel grounds...and showing off the most beautiful baby, we went upstairs to our room where I received a phone call; I initial thought it was my cousin, Lorei who was in Guatemala with Physican's without Border's group, but it was Auntie Angela.  Isabella was cooing away, and Angela was the FIRST of my friend's to hear Isabella...in her "Rena" dress.

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  1. So enjoying reading your story. Thank you for sharing it in this way.